In 2021, amidst economic uncertainity of the pandemic era, Cherubin Vanjinath joined the Doctor Towels team as a Co-Founder, tasked with the responsibility to transform the business into a tech-centric operation due to the restrictions imposed by COVID. Also, his attributes as a dynamic and forward thinking Co-Founder set the stage for him to lead the brand into a new era of innovation and excellence. Having completed Bachelor of Fine Arts in Human Computer Interaction from the prestigious California College of the Arts, Cherubin brings unique blend of creativity and technological awareness to the helm.

Cherubin Vanjinath, one of the Co-Founders of Doctor Towels

We managed to catch up with Cherubin at his office, had posed him some interesting questions, find below his candid answers for the same. 

  1. How did the idea for Doctor Towels come about, and when did you start thinking about it? Can you tell us a bit about the situation when the idea first popped into your head?

"The whole Doctor Towels thing started during the COVID-19 pandemic and my family was brainstorming different business ideas at the time. It’s kind of funny because Doctor Towels was just one of many ideas, like starting a parotta business or doing organic farming. I was pretty young back then, and I remember suggesting the idea of bringing safety to everyone’s homes. But as time went on, the concept of Doctor Towels took shape, and my dad, Mr. Vanjinath, also one of the Founders, played an important role in building on to the idea to through a lot of discussions. I could actually see the growth of this idea as a brand month-over-month. Since, then even though I was young, I really wanted to be a part of Doctor Towels’ team and make sure my values were part of what we do."

  1. Could you elaborate on the mental preparations you made to change the concept of the brand into a viable business? If you did, please outline the steps or strategies you employed?

"I’ve seen my dad face difficulties many times, but he never gave up. Witnessing how he adapted during tough times has been my greatest learning experience. Cherubin’s family always aimed for better business, even at the dinner table, having discussions revolving around it. Being part of a family deeply involved in business, I naturally gravitated towards it. In the 6th grade, I ventured into this first small business – an Instagram postcard endeavor where I clicked cool photographs and sell them out, followed by a fashion line selling t-shirt. Though these early attempts didn’t succeed due to my young age, it fueled my determination. Around the age of 16, armed with knowledge and some experience from school and life, I felt ready to apply it practically, with a strong resolve, I took small steps towards my entrepreneurial goals." 

  1. How did you first become engaged with Doctor Towels, especially considering that the brand already had an established team when you joined? Could you share insights into how you successfully integrated yourself, began contributing, and started providing your input?

“I never wanted others to see me only as the boss’s son. I aimed to earn respect through my work and the support I provide to the team and that was crucial to me. I saw myself as a team member and always aimed to contribute a bit more than others. It all started gradually, I started handling the social media, I ensured I created and posted more content than our then external marketing team, spending my morning before school on it. Understanding the brand language and my dad’s preferences, I delivered content that suited the brand better. Despite not receiving explicit recognition, I found validation in subtle ways. People started seeking my suggestions and ideas, a significant shift from when my ideas weren’t considered. At my age, I don’t want people to see me as authoritative; I want people to respect me for the value I bring to the team. It gave me a lot of confidence when my team involved me for suggestions and approvals.  

  1. How would you describe the evolution in your approach and working style from your initial interactions with the team to the present? Can you elaborate on the steps you took to progress to your current position and what strategies do you have in place to continue advancing in the future.

He mentioned that he always measured what he did and always did things with a free hand approach. Cherubin would write down his tasks and plan his day to make sure everything was done by bedtime, aiming for a 100% completion rate. He gradually increased the number of tasks he tackled daily, reaching a high of 55 tasks in a day, including approvals, travel, coordination, and payments, all completed by day’s end. Cherubin keeps a task board in his room, regularly updating it. He said, “Continuously looking at it and ticking off completed tasks helps me get through each day.”. The belief that “I can do it, make it possible for me” became the mantra.

Initially, he only managed Doctor Towels’ social media platforms. Now, he’s involved in everything – online and offline sales, inventory, some production aspects, designs, idea creations and mote. Handling social media was just the beginning, and now with a lot on his plate, maintaining the task board has become a key tool in successfully managing multiple tasks each day.

February 01, 2024 — Doctor Towels