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The need for a good set of hand towels is often neglected in households. Just as your hands need good soap, they also need quality hand towels that are gentle on the skin. Persistent use of low-grade hand towels can lead to skin issues, allergies, irritation, etc., as they often remain damp and become breeding grounds for bacteria. Low-quality hand towels also become rough with regular washing and thus harsh to use directly on the skin.

At Doctor Towels, we believe in changing the towel game completely by using materials that are natural and have innate antibacterial properties to ensure healthy skin.

Here’s our range of hand towels you need to use to know what we’re talking about.

Types of Hand Towels

Our hand towels are naturally antibacterial. However, they are also additionally treated with an Australian-formulated antimicrobial layer for added safety. Also, all these towels are labelled dual-side for use on body and face, so you can ensure complete hygiene when using them.

 1. Banana Jacquard Floral Hand Towel

Made with 60% banana viscose and 40% cotton, this hand towel is an ultra-soft woven masterpiece. The natural fiber blend makes it super absorbent and quick dry too.

 2. Banana X Cotton Hand Towel

This variant of our hand towels is composed of 35% banana viscose and 65% cotton, which makes it highly breathable and quick dry. This hand towel for bathroom therefore remains a favourite among our customers.

3. Aluvera/Banana Double Cloth Hand Towel

While both these hand towels are gentle on the skin, the Aluvera Double Cloth Hand Towel is particularly beneficial for sensitive skin as it has hypoallergenic properties. Double cloth ensures improved absorbency too, so you can pat yourself dry in no time.

 4. Banana/Bamboo Terry Hand Towel

Our terry hand towels are plush, cloud-soft and super-absorbent for a luxurious feel after every use. These come in the banana and bamboo yarn variants, thus allowing you to choose the best that suits your needs.

Benefits of Hand Towels

Allow us to elaborate on the general benefits of using hand towels before we dive deep into the benefits of our meticulously made hand towels.

Whether it’s after washing your hands in between chores or simply wiping your sweaty palms, a hand towel can come in real handy to keep your hands dry and the skin feeling refreshed after every use. Also, a damp (or warm) hand towel can help clean dirt and also get rid of bacteria in the process. Having said that, the usual hand towels you’ll find in the market do not have what we provide our customers.

Here are the most important features of our hand towels:

1. Design

Our hand towels are appropriately sized for effective use and come with a loop to hang it conveniently between use.

2. All Natural & Antibacterial

As you know our hand towels are made with banana & aloe vera yarn. These fibers have antibacterial properties, but we also treat them with an Australian-formulated natural antimicrobial agent which is extracted from coconut. This makes them super safe to use regularly.

3. Super Soft & Lightweight

The materials we use keep our hand towels soft to touch and gentle on the skin. They are also lightweight and can be easily carried along.

4. Absorbent & 3X Quick Dry

While our hand towels are super absorbent, they are also quick dry. They dry three times faster than usual towels.

5. Breathable & Odor-Free

The design keeps our hand towels breathable and prevents bacterial buildup that causes foul odor.

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How do I maintain my hand towels?

You need to wash your hand towels frequently with a gentle detergent to maintain them and dry them on a clothesline or dryer. Avoid using harsh detergents and fabric conditioners as that can damage the texture.

My hand towels feel rough & leave a rash. What do I do?

This happens when the hand towels are not washed regularly. Your hand towel wash routine also depends on the number of people using the towel. As the number of people using it increases, the frequency of washing them must too. We recommend you wash your hand towels every 2-3 days. Also, always have a combo pack of premium hand towels to alternate between washes.

Can I also use my hand towel as a face towel?

By all means. However, it is better to keep different towels for this purpose to prevent germ transfer and skin issues, such as acne, skin rash, etc. We have a premium collection of face and make-up remover towels also that you shouldn’t miss. Check them out.