Doctor Towels

Bath towels made from cotton & banana yarn

Anti-microbial and super-absorbent features

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Double cloth bath towels

with secret ingredients of nature and love

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World’s first double-faced towel

One side for face | One side for body

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Traditional towel Causes

We Created a Towel Which Is 99.9% Safe

We’ll tell you what makes our towel special…

With a lot of towel brands out there, what do we do to stand out? Well, we understand our customers and give the utmost importance to their needs while creating our towels.

Our towels are treated with secret ingredients made along with coconut extract which reduce health risk on towels by controlling the growth of bacteria, fungus and other microbes that damage the skin. Our towels help in reducing health/skin damages with appropriate use.

After excessive research, lab tests and trials, Doctor Towels are designed with a unique technique to make it double-faced and enriched with banana fibre. Well, what do we say? We have our tricks!

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So, what’s with the double-face anyway?

Before we tell you why dual-sided towels, we’ll give you a towel tip first!

Using the same towel for both face and body will increase the chance of skin damage like acne, irritation, rashes, etc. by transferring oils, bacteria and other cosmetic products like moisturizers from your body to face.

Lot of us are guilty of using the same towel for the entire body. Bacteria from under arms and private parts can easily cause damages when exposed to the face.

Keeping this in mind, we have created specially-crafted towels with two sides - one for your face and one for the body. Don’t worry about choosing the sides! We have included labels to make it easier for you.

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Wondering why Banana Fibre?

The most common and undervalued superpower of banana is its ability to be naturally antibacterial. Without the use of strong chemicals or several toxic processes, the banana yarn naturally does the job of being a fighter against bacteria.

Apart from this, banana yarn has many benefits: smooth on the skin, super-absorbent, natural suppleness, soft texture and lightweight.

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The skill and love that go in our towels!

Every towel that you buy from us is given the utmost care to make it perfect for you. All our products are manufactured with cutting-edge technology by the most experienced and skilled workers. Every product undergoes stringent quality tests to make sure we give what we promise.

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The Artistry of Doctor Towels

Years of experience in designing textiles along with an eye to understanding customer’s absolute needs have given life to the concept of Doctor Towels.  Before launching the product, the team from Doctor Towels has carefully analysed the problems and risks that arise due to inappropriate use of towels and studied the damages it can cause on human health. After thorough analysis on customer behaviour patterns and various lab tests, Doctor Towels found the perfect recipe to design the best towels which are aesthetically great, have a clear purpose for its user and at the same time, have properties to fight against bacteria. Your skin and you are going to love it...

Vanji and Annie


Banana Yarn

Naturally fights against infection-causing bacteria


A combination of coconut extract and secret ingredients along with love

Enriched cotton

Improves the towel’s stability when woven with banana fibre


Designed to fight germs, fungi, bacteria, etc.

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