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Hair Towels

Your hair needs just as much care as the rest of your body; and often, a quality hair towel is never on the list of hair care essentials. Hair towels online may not be high-quality, and a low-grade towel can damage your hair, making it dry,
frizzy, and rough. However, there’s a solution to this problem. Doctor Towels Hair Towel!

We’ve amalgamated advanced technology and natural materials to create to perfection, the world’s softest hair towel.

 Doctor Towels Hair Towel

Soft hair towels pamper your hair while it does what it is supposed to do—dry it. We have made them with all-natural materials—bamboo yarn, aloe vera yarn, and banana yarn, that are gentle on your hair and your scalp.

These yarns are naturally antibacterial. Thus, they protect your skin and hair from germs and bacteria which are likely to thrive in damp towels, especially those that are made with low-quality materials.

Our towels are additionally treated with an Australian formulated natural antimicrobial agent which is extracted from coconut. What you get in the end are hair towels that meet all your safety and hygiene levels, and more!

Take a look at the advantages of our hair towels.  

Advantages of Hair Towel

One of the most important advantages of using hair towels is the prevention of germ transfer, which ensures the health of your hair and your scalp. If you use our hair towels, not only do you get this benefit but also the following:

 1. Super Light & Quick Dry:

Our hair towels are designed to dry three times faster than usual towels. This prevents bacterial growth, allowing you to carry and use your hair towel even when traveling.

2. Super Absorbent

The health of your hair is determined by its length. A super absorbent hair towel soaks moisture without the need to rub your hair with it. This prevents hair breakage and damage.

3. Full Coverage with Adjustable Buttons

 Our towels are sized appropriately to provide full coverage. They come with two adjustable wooden buttons and a loop for a snug fit without pulling your hair.

 Types of Hair Towels

At Doctor Towels, you get an array of hair towels made with natural yarn, which inherently has antibacterial properties. Our collection of towels includes:

1. Banana DoubleCloth Hair Towel - Banana hair towel is super-absorbent, soft, and gentle on the hair and scalp. It also comes in an extra-long variant for those with thick, long hair.

2. Aloe Vera Double Cloth Hair Towel – Aloe Vera has soothing properties, and so does the yarn made from it. It is thus recommended for those with skin allergies. It is gentle on the hair and leaves it feeling frizz-free, refreshing, and soothing, without irritating the skin.

3. Banana Terry Hair Towel – This hair towel is plush, luxurious, and extremely soft. It has high absorbency but is also quick-dry. As with all banana towels, it is also antibacterial and safe to use for everyone.

4. Banana Jacquard Floral Hair Towel – This is the softest and the most breathable hair towel we have because of its jacquard weave. The
floral weave adds a touch of delicateness to the towel and has all the benefits of our banana yarn towels.

 Hair Towel Price

Our hair towel price starts at Rs. 849.00. You can buy them individually or purchase a hair towel set or bath and hair towel combo pack on
our website.

Buy Hair Towel Online

Buy hair towel at Doctor Towels for a joyful shopping experience. Sign up with us, add your favorite hair towel to the cart and process the payment. The order will be shipped as soon as it is confirmed.



How are Doctor Towels towels better than usual hair towels?

hair towels, such as cotton hair towels, when left damp for long, grow mildew and develop a musty smell. Doctor Towels hair towels, despite being
super-absorbent, are lightweight, 3X quick dry, and breathable. This prevents
them from developing odor due to bacterial growth and dampness. Our towels are
thus better than the other hair towels you’ll find in the market.

Can hair towels fix damaged hair?

Premium hair towels are designed to prevent damage. They cannot fix damaged hair, but you’ll see a noticeable improvement in the texture of your hair once you switch to our range of hair towels

How long should you wear a hair towel?

Ideally, you should wear your hair towel till it soaks in most of the moisture from your hair. Once it has wicked all the moisture, leave the hair towel to air dry. In case you’re living in a region that is often cold, you must get one of our hair
towels as they are breathable and dry three times faster, leaving no room for bacterial
growth that could harm your hair and scalp upon continuous use.