"Invention is the pleasure you give yourself when other people's stuff isn't good enough", this popular adage sums up the whole story of Doctor Towels. Some of the ingenious inventions of the world have been the result of indefinite hours of tedious research into finding an answer for a personal woe. Likewise, the story of Doctor Towels is nothing but a solution to the skin related woes faced by Mr. Vanjinath Govindadass and the childhood dream of Mrs. Annie Vanjinath to become an entrepreneur and positively affect the lives of other women. In 2021, Cherubin Vanjinath had joined the team as a Co-Founder driving the business in to tech-centric operation. 

Mr. Vanjinath, an eminent and successful first-generation entrepreneur. As a business traveler and passionate globetrotter, Mr. Vanjinath's travels have given him the vast knowledge &experience that has enabled him to manage a successful textile business for well over two decades catering to a gamut of elite global clientele. For all its advantages, his travels had taken a toll on his body resulting in a sensitive skin that is prone to allergy and infections.

Founders of Doctor Towels

He'd been fighting on to find out the reason for this problem, by cognitively examining different remedies to his issue, trying out everything from medicines to spa treatments, cosmetics and clay therapies, et al. While nothing seemed to work out to his benefit, he noticed that his teenage son had breakouts of acne and it really seemed like a problem that every household faces. Probing deeper into the everyday habits of a typical house, he brought his focus on the towel he'd been using and the way it had been acting as a catalyst to his skin woes. A common household item such as the bath towel he had been using was the prime suspect in facilitating his skin infections, acting as a breeding place for microbes and bacteria.

Backed with his vast knowledge about fabrics and textiles, he decided to dive deep on the subject to research on the fabrics and the dyes that is being used in towels found in the marketplace and how they'd been aiding his skin problems. After years of rigorous research and case studying, he'd come to the conclusion that regular towels and the dyes used in them was one of the major reasons along with Stress, genetic conditions, usage of chemicals on the skin & poor lifestyle are reasons to many skin ailments. Out of the many variable factors, he finalized down on the daily and direct usage of towels on the skin to be a safer choicer to being working with.


 Now, facing the necessity to find an alternative, he began testing bath towels that are made out of a blend of cotton and natural fibres like banana yarn (known for its anti-microbial properties) to create a towel that is both safe and super-soft to the skin. There were months of experimenting, research, lab testing and market testing that followed. Mr.Vanjinath finally narrowed down on a towel with multi-dimensional solution to most common everyday skin problems that all of us face. The result was a one-of-a-kind bath towel that does not just let microbes and bacteria breed in the towel but also a towel that is super-soft & skin friendly. Now finally there was something that can be proudly claimed as "Safe to the Skin" and "Protects one with every Touch".


The novel solution to his long-lasting skin problem, probably in the market to serve as a solution for many, many more people with sensitive skin that is prone to allergies and infections.  But being a true entrepreneur he constantly strives to improvise and hence he is actively working on multiple researches and developments that can be added to the product categories in the near future.

~ Doctor Towels, a tried and tested product, that is 99.9% safe. ~