The habits that remain with you the entire lifetime are often the ones instilled by your mother. She is the one who introduced you to age-old and effective self-care rituals that were once lovingly passed down to her by her mother.

Your routine, of course, is molded to suit your requirements because only your mom can hack the code to comfort (#momknowsbest), and therefore is something you emotionally connect with.

How about you return some of that love to your mother with a unique Mother’s Day gift?

We are not talking about sending another Mother’s Day card.

Redefine what Mother’s Day is today with a gift that is indulgent and luxurious.

Make it truly special with Personalized Bath Towels at Up To 30% Discount!

But don’t just stop there. Try the tips we have given below to make your mom feel pampered, so much so that it becomes a favorite custom she looks forward to.

Without much ado, let’s dive in!


Essential and Indulgent Self-Care Routine for Mother’s Day

While this routine should be enough, feel free to include some of your own, especially if they mean a lot to your mother. 

  1. Maalish! Tael Maalish! 

There’s nothing better than a soothing champi to practice self-care.

Add a few drops of your mother’s favorite essential oil to a carrier oil, such as coconut or sesame oil, and give a relaxing head massage to her.

You may use a plush, soft towel, one of ours, that is infused by nature’s own to protect her clothes before the massage.


  1. Face Cleanse Fiesta

Everyone knows why this step is necessary, but we’re adding it here so that you don’t miss it.  

Washing the face with a good face cleanser is a necessity after every oil massage to avoid??? You guessed, it! Pimples!

But just a face wash won’t help prevent or improve the pimple situation.

Give her our antibacterial face towel.

With it, you will be elevating her skincare routine because we have meticulously made our face towels by blending the good ‘ol cotton yarns with natural fibers (banana, bamboo, and aloe vera viscose yarns) to make them soft and fluffy while ensuring they are super absorbent.

The best part—these yarns are naturally antibacterial. However, we have also added an antimicrobial layer for added protection.

This applies to all our towels. Therefore, no matter which towel you purchase from our range, you are assured of antibacterial/antimicrobial benefits.   


  1. Mask Medley

Once the massage is done, let the oil nourish your mother’s scalp and hair for a while, and utilize that time to prepare a rejuvenating face mask for her.

She must already have a tried-and-tested recipe for her glowing skin, but in case she doesn’t, check in with one of your aunts or her friends and ensure it does not contain ingredients she is allergic to.

Allow the face pack to sit on the skin for about 8-10 minutes before cleaning it off with a soaked Makeup Remover Towel

Our makeup-removing towels are made with extraordinarily soft combed cotton that helps cleanse facial skin properly while exfoliating it gently. 

Soak one in lukewarm water before cleansing the mask for better results.


  1. Shower Symphony 

Make her bath routine super indulgent with her favorite hygiene products and our indulgent bath and hair towels

Our towels are designed to provide the utmost comfort. The first and foremost thing that your mother will notice about our towels is the plush, luxurious texture. She will be wrapping herself in sheer bliss every time she uses our bath and hair towels.

The hair towels are gentle on the scalp and hair and absorb moisture without causing frizz. They come with adjustable button closures to secure her long, lustrous locks without tugging and breaking them.

The bath towels we offer come in a variety of weaves, giving your mother varied textures to suit her liking, from plush terry, double cloth, jacquard, and waffle to pure cotton.

We’ve enlisted them here for quick access. All of these can be personalized with your mother’s name. All you need to do is click on the link of the chosen towel below, scroll down to “Personalise your Towel”, add text, select the quantity, and buy bath towel by making the payment as usual.

Wait no more. Time is ticking and Mother’s Day will be here any moment. Make the most of this year by not just picking your favorite towels but also personalizing them at no additional cost! Visit our website to buy bath towels now. Also, subscribe and follow us on social media to stay updated with offers and discounts.

May 10, 2024 — Doctor Towels