As a parent, your child’s health will be of utmost importance to you. Before you
buy anything – from baby food, clothes to toys, soaps, towels - for your child, you
spend time on finding out the best brands, researching on their credibility, quality
and looking for user experience. You do all of this because you understand that
your baby’s skin is delicate and is vulnerable to a number of problems, health
problems in particular. We don’t know about the toys and food, but when it
comes to towels, we know how towels can have an impact on your child’s
hygiene. Read further to know more about this.

1. Prone to bacterial infections
Children’s immunity system is not fully developed until they are 14 years old. So
until then, they are prone to bacterial infections. They play in mud; they interact
with a lot of people and we all know, kids don’t exactly follow good personal
hygiene, as they are still learning it. All these make it easy for bacterial breeding.
Not using the right towel after a bath can multiply the infection-causing germs
and can lead to skin problems like rashes, and particularly if they are in their early
teens, this can cause pimples, acne, and whatnot.

2. Natural ingredients
As mentioned earlier, your kid has the most delicate skin and harsh chemicals and dyes are not exactly skin-friendly. So, your towel should have natural ingredients so that they won’t have any bad impact on your child’s skin. Towels you use for your kids should not be made with strong chemicals and that’s a must.

3. Gentle, soft and delicate
Gentle, soft and delicate - all these words refer to one: your child’s skin.
Children’s skin is usually very delicate and the wrong towel can easily cause a lot
of discomfort on them. So the towels you use must be soft and should not
damage your kid’s skin in any way.

4. Get wet and get dry
When you have an infant, you will be aware of how easy it is for a baby to get
wet. They urinate often, play in water and enjoy moisture. So your towel should
be able to absorb quickly and dry even quicker. With the number of times your
children get wet, you cannot wait until your towel dries to use it again. So, this is
an important feature. Always look for towels with quick absorption and quicker

5. Length matters too
When we buy towels, what we least consider but is an important factor is the
length of the towel. Your towel should be long enough to comfortably snuggle in
after a nice bath. After all, that’s what provides the comfort and makes your kid
feel safe. And of course, your embrace!

Doctor Towels offers double-faced bath towels made of cotton along with banana
yarn fiber, suitable for children of all ages with features like anti-bacterial
properties, quick absorption, quick drying, extra length and more.

January 22, 2024 — Doctor Towels