Skincare as a regimen requires essentials that clean and nourish the skin. However, how many of those essentials do you, without fail, make efforts to maintain?

Did you just recall the entire regimen but forget your towel?

Your towel, a plush piece of fabric designed solely for prepping and additional cleaning of your skin, is often just tossed, and forgotten after it is used, till it is needed again, multiple times. We must therefore acknowledge that the humble towel also goes through a lot and needs some tender love and care.

While it is no rocket science to pamper your towels (so that they can pamper you back), it does need some amount of discipline. This blog, with a tongue-twister of a title, will help you inculcate that discipline, and we promise to keep it simple for you to ensure that your towel, the best towel, remains soft and fluffy for months!

Let’s get started with the Dos.


The Dos for Maintaining Your Doctor Towels Towels

Your towels, with these dos, won’t just last long but they will feel and smell good longer too!

  1. Watch the Wash Cycles

Your towel-tale must have regular wash-rinse-repeat chapters to keep your towels clean and hygienic. Ideally, each wash cycle must be repeated every 2-3 days as it can help with decreasing bacterial buildup on the towel and its consequent transfer back to your body after every shower.


  1. Ditch the Harsh Detergents

 We like to call the harsh ones the ditch-tergents. Pick from a variety of gentle detergents available as they do not have strong chemicals that are likely to rip the towel fibers off their innate softness. Best quality towels, such as ours also don’t need softeners. Just a mild detergent will do the trick.


  1. Air Dry or Tumble Dry—That is the Biggest Question!

We’ll help you cut this dramatic obstacle with a short explanation. While we prefer the good ‘ol line- or air-drying technique, the dryer works just as fine for your towels. It all depends on the resources available to you at that moment. Chuck high heat, though. We’ve explained why below, so be sure you read it till the end.


  1. Storage Tactics

Your towels need space too. Be sure to store them when not in use and store them right. So, while you can fold or roll and stack your clean and dry bath towels in a towel rack, the hand towels can be hung by a loop, a handy feature of Doctor Towels hand towels. A trick to elongate your towels’ life is to store them outside the bathroom, away from dampness, or in a cabinet or a covered basket/container inside the bathroom. This will prevent them from soaking in the moisture and growing mold.  


  1. Know When It’s Time to Let Go

While your Doctor Towel towels remain soft and gentle for 200 washes, there will come a time when they become rough and eventually, unusable. Keep a close eye to know when your towels are nearing the end of their shelf life, and when it’s time, discard them and get a new set, solely for the safety and health of your skin.


Every set of dos are accompanied by a set of don’ts. Let’s dive into some of them too.


The Don’ts of Towel Etiquette

Keep the towel tragedies at bay by avoiding these common mistakes that deteriorate their quality:

  1. Do not use the same towel for all purposes.

Remember this thumb rule when using towels—One Towel Per Purpose. By avoiding the use of the same towel for multiple purposes, you will prevent germ transfer and thus ensure your safety and health.


  1. Do not delay your towel-washing schedule.

Always rotate your towels between use. This will allow you to wash them at regular intervals and prevent damage to their fibers by avoiding excessive or delayed washing.


  1. Do not overload the washing machine. 

Crowding your washing machine will lead to abrasion between different types of fabrics and affect your towels’ soft texture. Ideally, you should wash all your towels separately, but if that’s not possible, do not overload the washing machine with the laundry.


  1. Do not fold and store damp towels.

This one’s a no-brainer. Always allow your towels to dry properly before storing them to prevent microbial growth on them.


  1. Do not dry towels on high heat.

If you’re someone who often dries their towels on high heat, especially during winters and monsoons, remember that high heat can affect the texture of the natural fibers and make them rough. Your towel’s longevity depends on its softness. Air-drying is the best solution to maintain its texture. You can dry them indoors in a temperature-controlled room too.


  1. Do not throw damp towels on the bed and cushions.

This is a shortcut to transferring germs from one surface to another. Use those towels back on your skin and you’ll literally give the bacteria a free ride to your healthy skin.


Lastly, do not forget to bookmark this blog for it unveils the benefits of using Doctor Towels towels, and is the ultimate guide you’ll need to increase your towels’ life and keep them fluffy and cozy to pamper your skin.

February 08, 2024 — Doctor Towels