Imagine this–you’re at a pool party and you’ve forgotten your bath towel. You don’t think twice before picking someone’s towel and using it. After all, bath towels are used after bathing, and hence they can be shared, right? Wrong! This is one of the biggest misconceptions about bath towels. These fluffy, absorbent pieces of fabric are more complex than you can think; and we are here to wipe away any confusion you might have about them. Let’s dive into the world of towels and debunk some misconceptions about towels!


Bath Towel Misconceptions Debunked

Doing away with these common beliefs will make your towel tale reassuring, we promise. Don’t miss any of them.


Misconception 1 - The Towel Thread Count Indicates Its Quality

  • Traditionally, or should we say thread-itionally, it is believed that the thread count of your towel indicates its quality. While the thread count in usual towels denotes thicker, luxurious texture, and absorbency, it does not necessarily indicate quality.
  • A towel with a lower GSM, such as our Musa Banana Double Cloth Bath Towel, that’s 380 GSM, which is lighter than our Bambusa Bamboo Terry Bath Towel, which is 650 GSM, is just as premium. The natural yarn that our double cloth towels are made with performs exceptionally well; they are absorbent, quick-dry, lighter than the terry towels, and soft and gentle on all skin types.    


Misconception 2 - All Cotton Towels Are the Same

  • No two sagas of cotton towels are the same. What defines each cotton towel is its fabric composition and believe us you, it’s a vast field to explore.
  • We make ours as Banana X Cotton and Bamboo X Cotton. In case you haven’t figured it out, these are blends made using all-natural banana viscose yarn, bamboo viscose yarn, and cotton.
  • What defines a cotton towel is the fabric blend that goes into making them. Generally, they denote features, such as absorbency, fluffiness, and thickness, but our cotton towels offer more—quick dry, breathability, and odor-free experience!
  • Our towels are naturally antibacterial and are also treated with an antimicrobial layer for additional hygiene and safety. Who would’ve thought that was possible in towels? But, we made it happen!


Misconception 3 – Use Fabric Softeners and Bleach for Soft Towels

  • Don’t let the side characters in your towel story (we’re talking about fabric softeners and bleach) beat the fun and the fluff. Wrapping yourself in a clean, soft, cottony towel that also smells good is post-bath nirvana. But this bliss does not last long when you wash your towels inappropriately. 
  • Under or excessive washing with harsh chemicals strips towels off their soft, natural fibers, making them rough and unusable super-early in their life span.
  • If you’ve reached this brink in your towel time, get our bath towels. We make them with superior quality material and advanced technology that ensure your hygiene in the gentlest way possible. Our towels perform exceptionally despite 200 washes, which is not something you’ll see in other towels.
  • Can bath towels be washed in cold water? Yes. They can be. Wash them at regular intervals with just a mild detergent and air dry them to maintain them longer.


Misconception 4 – It’s OK to Use the Same Towel for Your Face and Body

  • We’re very straightforward when it comes to this. You should NOT use the same towel for your face and body. Allow us to explain. 
  • We, humans, are great hosts for a plethora of skin microbiota. Meaning, communities of microorganisms live rent-free on our skin. While a range of this skin flora stimulates our skin’s immune, some of it can lead to conditions, including sensitivity. 
  • When you use the same towel for your entire body, you’re likely to transfer bacteria all over your skin, some of which may lead to acne, backne, rashes, etc. 
  • What’s the solution? 
  • Our dual-side labeled towels!
  • With beautifully designed, long-lasting labels, you’ll never use the same side on your bum and your face.


Misconception 5 - All Absorbent Towels Dry Fast  

  • All absorbent towels soak in the moisture, but not all of them dry fast. Quick-dry as a feature in towels is made possible by designing towels in a way, using the hero of your towel—the right yarn combination to make it breathable; and our team has mastered the art of drying!
  • Our range of towels dries almost like magic; 3 times faster than the usual towels available in the market, no matter which type you choose.
  • With Doctor Towels, you can experience post-shower bliss in premium, all-natural towels that are efficient at drying.


Misconception 6 - Towels Last Forever

  • Unlike real diamonds, no towel lasts forever. This piece of fabric designed to complete your hygiene routine will lose its charm (read softness and fluffiness) in a few weeks; or months, if you’re lucky. 
  • The treasure trove of towels at Doctor Towels, on the other hand, consists of meticulously designed pieces that last longer, and more importantly, remain softer while doing what they do best—pamper your skin.
  • In other words, we are the diamond of towels–natural and luxurious, the perfect companion for your skin routine, day or night.
  • Say goodbye to these misconceptions and step into the Doctor Towel towel-verse of soft wraps that make your hygiene routine divine.
February 08, 2024 — Doctor Towels