Your towel, or shall we say your hygiene companion, must serve you just as tenderly as any other skin care product you use. It must be soft and gentle on your skin, and these are only a couple of the benefits of using towels made from premium materials. However, if your towel resembles a vintage piece of fabric, it is time to let it go gracefully, and replace it with feel-good towels from Doctor Towels.  

Quench your thirst for terrific towels that literally pamper your skin. By the way, did you check out our new range, Thirsty Towels? Be sure to read the blog till the end to know more about this collection, and yes, bookmark it to revisit whenever you need it. 


5 Reasons to Switch to Doctor Towels

When we can switch to a new phone in an instant, towels, dear friends, also come with a shelf life. If yours feels too rough, hardly absorbent, and has led to skin issues, such as acne, backne, etc., it is time to discard it and get a brand-new set of our towels. Here’s why:

  1. Cozy Comfort

Your towel should feel like being wrapped in cottony clouds after a soothing shower. Quality towels, such as ours, assure a soft texture and many more benefits that we will talk about later in this blog.

  1. Quick Dry

 Does your towel remain damp throughout the day? Not anymore! Try our range of towels that dry 3 times faster than usual towels. The design and materials we use will ensure that you won’t be reaching out for a damp towel at the end of the day.

  1. Antibacterial

The natural materials we use are innately antibacterial, but we have also added an additional antimicrobial layer to ensure your health and safety.

  1. Lifestyle & Well-Being

Your journey to living the life of your dreams can come true if you ensure complete well-being and good towels can play a crucial part in it. Our towels are must-haves, not just to pamper your skin, but also to ensure that you do that in the healthiest and most sustainable manner. 


If this has piqued your interest, continue reading to know the benefits of using Doctor Towels.


Benefits of Using Towels from Doctor Towels

Your skin will reflect the benefit of using a towel that’s woven to perfection using the finest materials extracted from nature. Here’s what our towels bring to the table:

  • Our towels are made using sustainable, all-natural materials that have hypoallergenic properties.
  • They are soft and gentle on all skin types, including sensitive and allergic.
  • As stated above, our towels are innately antibacterial, so you get some health benefits too. Our towels also come with an additional antimicrobial layer for extra safety.
  • They are lightweight and highly absorbent.
  • The weaves keep them breathable, and they dry 3 times faster than usual towels.
  • The weaves also help in keeping them odor-free, so your towels smell fresh longer.


While all our towels come with these features, you will want to choose the best, and that you can do only if you know our complete range.

Here you go.


Types of Doctor Towels Towels

Broadly, our towels are made of natural yarns extracted from banana, aloe vera, and bamboo. These are blended with premium cotton to create what we call a fluffy universe of the softest towels with a separate world dedicated to bath towels made to suit every type of skin and size. Yes, we have plus-size bath towels too!

We also couldn’t miss the delicate care your hair, face, and hands need. Wander about in our world of hair, face, make up and hand towels, made meticulously to complement your self-care routine.

The health aficionados won’t be left out too with our range of thoughtfully designed gym towels.

And one of our latest additions is just what every parent needs—the softest and fluffiest baby towels.

Check them all out!


  1. Double Cloth Towels
Who doesn’t want double of all the good things in the world? We put two layers of our natural towels created using the finest, softest, and most durable natural yarns, meticulously extracted from banana and aloe vera.
These come in two varieties—Banana Double Cloth Towels and Aluvera Double Cloth Towels.
Other than bath towels, you’ll find Hand, Face, Hair, and Baby Double Cloth Towels in this collection too.
2. Terry Bath Towels 
    Step into the land of our fluffy and soft Terry Towels!
    Not only do they add a plush aesthetic to the bathroom decor but also bring in the comfort and coziness everyone desires after each shower.

    We make them in two variants—Bamboo and Banana Terry Towels for your face, hands, workout, and bath routines!

    1. Banana Jacquard Floral Towels 

    The magnificent jacquard knit makes this range of towels one of the most popular in our collection. These towels flaunt delicate floral weaves in subtle colors and are often picked for being lightweight and soft.

    1. Cambric Cotton Bath Towel

    Other than our premium range of Ultra-Light Slub Bath Towels, we also have our versatile Cambric Cotton Bath Towels. They have a tight weave that makes them absorbent while keeping them breathable and lightweight, with a texture that feels fantastic on the skin.  

    Find our complete range of Cambric Cotton Bath Towels here

    1. Brocade Cotton Bath Towels

    How about adding some diamonds to your bath routine? Check these exceptional towels out! We made them using a special textured diamond–brocade weave to give them a smooth and soft feel you’ll never get enough of. 

    The Cambric and Brocade range of towels make up the “Thirsty Towels” range we were talking about at the beginning of the blog. Check it out here.

    1. Cotton X Bath Towels 

    This range of towels beats even the best of collaborations. Meet our Bamboo X Cotton Terry Bath Towels and Banana X Cotton Bath Towels. Designed with the greatest attention to detail, these towels leave your skin feeling refreshed and pampered every single time. 

    1. Bamboo Waffle Bath Towels

    Our Bamboo Waffle Bath Towels are made using a special weave that gives them their unique waffle texture while making them breathable and fluffy. A variant of this range is the Honey Comb Cotton Bath Towel which also has the same features and leaves your skin feeling refreshed after every use.

    1. Bamboo Basket Bath Towel

    While our Bamboo Basket Bath Towels are soft and breathable, the excellent basket weave makes them perfect for gentle exfoliation. You’ll be left with a clean, hygienic feel after every use, we promise.  

    1. Bamboo Ultra-Light Slub Bath Towels 

    Your search for lightweight bath towels ends here. Check out our Bamboo Ultra-Light Slub Bath Towels. They are exceptionally lightweight, breathable, and perfect for traveling.

    And now it’s time for a quick guide for you to choose the perfect towel from our range.


    Guide to Choosing the Best Towels by Doctor Towels

    Your towels must align with your skincare needs. Check the following when in doubt.

    1. Choose natural towels that do not disturb allergic skin.

    While all our towels are gentle on all skin types, the Bamboo and Aluvera towels have hypoallergenic properties and are perfect for extremely sensitive skin. 

    1. Choose towels that can gently exfoliate your skin.

    Our Make Up, Cambric Cotton Bath Towels, and Waffle Weave towels are made using unique weaves and the finest yarns that keep them soft while being capable of removing dead skin ever so gently during regular use.  

    1. Pick lightweight towels when traveling.

    Our lightweight towels are breathable and dry 3 times faster, making them a preferred choice for travelers.


    Turn your skincare routine 180 degrees with our range of natural towels that will pamper your skin and ensure its health beyond expectation. Ready to make the switch? Click here now!

    February 10, 2024 — Doctor Towels