Do your towels give up sooner than expected and does this keep you wondering if you can ever pick a perfect towel? Choosing the right towel can be daunting. It is almost like choosing the right skincare product. It must meet your skincare requirements and pamper your skin at the same time, and low-quality towels won’t do that. If your towel tale always ends before it should, you must read and bookmark this blog because here, we make the process of choosing the right towel simple for you. 


Towel Buying Guide

This guide, a questionnaire rather, will help you traverse the tricky waters of the towel world and settle for only the best.

  1. Why do you want the towel for?

We know what you’re thinking. To wipe your body, right? Yes. That’s the general purpose of a towel. However, you need to go deeper when choosing the perfect towel because just your bath towel won’t serve the purpose of a hand towel or a makeup towel. Thus, you must always purchase towels that are specially designed to serve a certain purpose.

If you’re still not convinced, read ahead to know why it is important to do so. You see, using the same towel for multiple purposes may not be safe for your skin as that can lead to the transfer of germs and bacteria from one part of the body to another. We, therefore, don’t recommend using a bath towel for your hair or a hair towel for your face and hands, and have a variety for you to choose from—hand towel, bath towel, hair towel, face towel, makeup remover towel, gym towel, and baby towel.

  1. Is the towel antibacterial? 

Of course, you’ll use towels after cleaning, but because they are constantly damp, they are likely to grow mold and transfer bacteria faster than other fabrics. Towels made of natural materials, such as bamboo, banana, and aloe vera viscose yarns, have innate antibacterial properties. However, we have specially treated our towels with an Australian-formulated natural antimicrobial agent which is extracted from coconut. This assures an additional layer of protection for your skin and well-being.

  1. What are your towel material preferences?

If you, without a second, thought “cotton”, you’re aligned with most who haven’t yet explored the world of advanced towels made with natural, organic, and blended fabrics, such as our Aloe Vera, Banana and Bamboo Towels!

The material of a towel decides its performance and lifespan. With the evolution of towel technology and the introduction of various fabric blends, you now have an array of materials to pick from. Want to know more about our fabrics? Be sure to read this blog till the end to learn about them.

  1. Is your towel gentle on your skin?

Once you understand what your skin needs, you’ll naturally incline toward towels that have a soft texture. This is true especially if you have sensitive or allergic skin. But why just settle down for softness? Go for towels that are naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and also offer various textures, from soft, plush, to cloud-soft. Explore our Banana, Bamboo, and Aloe Vera towels to know what we’re talking about. No matter which type of towel you go for from these collections, you’ll get highly absorbent products that wick moisture immediately and leave your skin feeling refreshed after every use. That’s a guarantee!

  1. Is the towel lightweight?

While we often relate the weight and thickness of a towel to its absorbency, they are not necessarily crucial criteria for buying the best towel. Our Bamboo Ultra-Light Slub Bath Towel is lightweight yet it provides better absorbency because it is woven to perfection using high-quality yarns that give it good moisture-wicking properties while keeping it lightweight. It is therefore the best towel for travelling.

  1. Is the towel easy to maintain?

As with every apparel, your towels also need regular maintenance, and that can take up a lot of effort. Choosing bath towels that can be easily cleaned with a mild detergent can do the trick. But did you know your towels can become rough and unusable after a few washes, forcing you to use a fabric softener, which might add to your skin woes?

Not anymore! Our towels remain soft for up to 100 washes. In other words, Doctor Towels will be the best investment you will make for your skincare.

  1. Is the towel quick-dry?

Your towel absorbs so much moisture daily and must dry fast too, to prevent it from developing an unpleasant odor or mold. If your towel is your +1 for all your travel plans, you don’t want to stack it damp between destinations. Our towels dry 3X faster than usual towels, and they are made breathable, which means they are less likely to develop an odor. Won’t you want a hygiene companion like one of our meticulously made towels when you’re on the go?

And now, as promised, here’s some info about the fabric blends that we use to make our fine range of towels, for you to choose the right material.


Doctor Towels Fabric Compositions

All of our fabric blends ensure the final products get a unique soft texture that makes them gentle on all skin and hair types. As you already know, our towels are specially treated with an Australian-formulated natural antimicrobial agent, so you get additional safety in any towel you purchase from our range.


  1. Banana Towels These towels are made with 60% banana viscose and 40% cotton, which give them a cloud-soft texture. These are available as Terry, Double Cloth, Jacquard Floral, and Double Cloth Plus towels. 
  1. Banana X Cotton These are made with 35% banana viscose and 65% cotton towels. They are soft and have excellent moisture-wicking properties.
  1. Bamboo Towels Made with 60% bamboo viscose and 40% cotton, these are super-soft and suitable for sensitive skin. You’ll find a variety of weaves in this category to suit your preference, ranging from Terry, Waffle, Natural Dyed Terry, Basket, Slub, and Bamboo X Cotton.
  1. Aloe Vera Towels These towels are composed of 60% aloe vera viscose and 40% cotton, which gives them unmatched soothing and nourishing qualities that perfectly complement your skincare routine. 

Now your towel will never be something that will irritate your skin. Use this guide whenever you need to go shopping for towels and pick the best ones.


February 21, 2024 — Doctor Towels