These days there are endless options in towels for us to choose from. But not all towels are worth the time, effort and the money spent. The fact that each towel is different with its own characteristics makes it difficult for the consumers to pick the best towel that will meet their needs. The following qualities are essential and cannot be compromised.

How to choose a good bath Towel

  • Content: Make sure the towels are made of natural yarn like cotton, bamboo, banana, rayon etc. rather than synthetic fibers. The reason being natural yarns are much softer and skin friendly compared to man-made fibers. Research also shows that natural fibers are best option for those with sensitive skin.


  • Good Absorbency: The purpose of a towel is to absorb water quickly so a good towel should naturally have good absorbency. Generally all towels made out of natural fibers will have good absorbency. If you pour a few droplets of water on the towel, a quality towel absorbs water almost immediately but on a poor quality towel the water beads on the surface of the towel for a few seconds before being absorbed.


  • Drying time: A fine quality towel is the one that has the ability to pick up moisture as well as lose the moisture as quickly as possible. Towels made of natural yarn have the tendency by nature for faster drying.


  • Weight and Density: The weight of a towel is measured by the GSM (Grams per Square Meter). A towel that has a GSM of 500-600 or above are thick and heavy than a towel that has a GSM of 300-400 which are light and thin. A towel that weighs more would have a higher yarn content making it extra plush and soft.

A towel should not be chosen based on the looks or the softness. Some of the above mentioned qualities are really important to be looked at before choosing a towel for your bathroom.