When it comes to our personal hygiene, we often overlook the role that towels play. Most of us simply reach for the nearest towel after a shower, but what if we told you that choosing the right towel can make a big difference in your daily routine?


Assorted towel

 That's why you need a set of assorted towels from Doctor Towels.

The set includes a face towel, hand towel and bath towel, all made from the finest materials to ensure you have a luxurious and comfortable experience every time you use them. The face towel is made from a blend of cotton and banana yarn, which is naturally antibacterial and helps to prevent odour. The hand towel is perfect for quick drying and comes in a convenient size to carry with you everywhere. And the bath towel is large enough to wrap yourself in, providing ultimate comfort and softness after your shower.

Doctor Towels understands that our skin is our largest organ and is constantly exposed to harmful bacteria, so we’ve gone the extra mile to make sure their towels are safe and effective. The banana yarn and coconut extracts in the towels help to fight harmful bacteria and improve your skin, while the double sided technology ensures bacteria exchange between your body and face is prevented.

Another great benefit of investing in a set of Doctor Towels is their commitment to sustainability. Growing bananas is better for the planet as it does not require additional pesticides or fertilisers, making it safer for your skin.

So, why not treat yourself to a set of the best towels on the market? The Doctor Towels' assortment will not only elevate your hygiene routine, but also improve the health of your skin. Trust us, once you’ve tried them, you’ll never go back to using ordinary towels again!

February 14, 2023 — Doctor Towels