The summer season is here, guys! And it is time to turn your summer rejuvenation plans into reality! However, if you are worried that the harsh sun could prop up summer skin problems and dampen your vacation plans, we have your back!

This skin care blog is the ultimate source of information you will need to prevent and treat the commonly occurring skin care problems when you’re out and about, taking a break from the mundane.

Read on to understand what kinds of skin exposures call for summer skin care and dive into the pool of soothing summer skin care tips we have curated for you! 

Common Summer Skin Care Problems and Summer Skin Care Tips

The summer wave urges one and all to pamper the skin with something soothing. Tackle the following skin issues with the tips given, using the right summer skin care products, and prevent skin damage while getting the healthy summer glow you always wanted.  

  1. Sunburn, Prickly Heat and Sun Sensitivity

The glorious sun might seem inviting in the beginning, but as you enter the peak phase of the season, it is likely to cause havoc on the skin. Without appropriate protection, the sun rays can ruthlessly cause sunburn and sun sensitivity, while the sweltering heat can lead to heat boils, making your time off totally uncomfortable.

The most useful hack to soothe any of these three summer skin issues due to extensive sun exposure is using a cold compress. However, you can also take a cool-water bath or shower. For extremely sensitive skin, oatmeal packs or simply applying fresh aloe vera gel would work wonders. 

If your body wash leaves your skin feeling further irritated, opt for oatmeal baths. They have a calming effect on the skin.

Furthermore, use an ultra-light towel with antibacterial properties, such as our Bamboo Towels, Banana Towels, and Aloe Vera Bath Towels. They are gentle on the skin, super-absorbent, and leave the skin feeling refreshed and calm after every bath, with their soft texture.

  1. Skin Allergies, Insect Bites, and Stings 

The season is just perfect for alluring nature lovers to explore their surroundings. Whether you’re into nature walks, trekking, or hiking, protecting your skin from allergies, insect bites, and stings is essential because you never know what is safe for your skin and what is not out there in the wild.

If the reaction is mild and non-poisonous, you can move to a safer location quickly, remove any stingers still in your skin, wash it was soap and water, and carefully dab it dry with a soft antibacterial hand towel or face towel.  These towels can also come in handy to soothe burning or stinging sensations. Dampen them in cool water or wrap some ice in it and place them on the affected region for 10-15 minutes. This can help reduce pain and swelling too.

As an additional step, you may also apply calamine lotion, or a paste made with baking soda and water, several times a day till the symptoms go away. For severe pain and itching, you can take a non-prescription pain reliever and antihistamine, respectively.

  1. Swimmers Itch 

If your summer escapades often include a dip in the nearest freshwater body for a cooling dip, you need to be aware of the swimmer’s itch. 

While this pesky skin issue recovers on its own, it causes severe itching, and scratching the affected area can cause bacterial infection further worsening it.

The remedies for soothing a swimmer’s itch are somewhat the same as those for sun sensitivity. Try oatmeal baths and cool compresses. Ensure you pat your skin dry with soft bath towels, such as ours, that are made of natural yarns (Bamboo Towels, Banana Towels, and Aloe Vera Towels) and have antibacterial properties, for gentle skin care.      

  1. Acne Breakouts

Constant sweaty or oily skin, even indoors, in the sweltering heat can lead to acne breakouts. Summer skincare must thus include products that are essential to prevent or treat pimple breakouts.

Among all the important steps in skin care to prevent pimples, cleansing is the most crucial. If you don’t clean your skin properly, the bacteria are likely to worsen the acne situation.

Thus, use a gentle facewash or cleanser, and using the tips of your fingers, massage and clean your skin properly and rinse it off with water. Then, dab your skin with a gentle, highly absorbent face towel to prep it for the next steps – hydrating it with a suitable moisturizer and providing it UV protection with good sunscreen.

If you need an in-depth understanding of acne and ways to remove acne scars naturally in a week, read <How to Clear Pimples on Face>.

Remember that “summer skin issues” is a vast topic in itself, and you can remedy most with simple steps, such as the ones we have provided above. Apart from this, you can also switch to cotton clothing and cotton towels for they are breathable, quick dry, easy to maintain, and soothing on the skin. Check out our 100% cotton Thirsty Towels and you will know what we are talking about. When the skin woes are taken care of, all you need to do is relax and savor every moment of your summertime!

April 09, 2024 — Doctor Towels