We often look out for expiry dates when buying edible items. Why? For the simple
reason that we don’t want the fungus and mold that grow on expired food going into our body. But is it okay to have the same fungus and mold rubbed onto your body? Definitely not, right? If you didn’t know that your towel also has an expiry date, it’s high time you did. It is not recommended to use a towel for years without changing it and here is why.

1. Your towel houses millions of germs.

After a shower, our towels gather debris, oil & dust particles from our face and
body. With proper washing and drying, this effect is minimized. However, after
repeated use of a towel, germs tend to accumulate to a point where no amount of
washing and drying can get rid of them. This is why old towels tend to have a
damp, musty smell even after they are washed. This is when your towel becomes
a proper house for germs and you should replace it to avoid the risk of
transferring the germs to your body.

2. Your towel wears out.

With regular washes, the fabric of the towel tends to wear out and loses its
smoothness. While this may not seem like a big issue, a rough towel causes a lot
of skin breakage and irritation and makes your skin cells weaker, causing more
damage to your skin. It can also be very uncomfortable to use

3. Your towel shrinks over time.

Again, with regular washes, your towel shrinks and loses length, and when a
towel becomes smaller, we all know it’s not really as comfortable to use.

4. It looks dull and lifeless

Like all other clothes, towels lose colour and start looking dull with regular
washing. Having an extremely ugly towel cannot make you feel fresh after a nice
shower, can it? Also it spoils the decor.

5. It loses its absorbency

After a certain number of washes, the towel will wear out to such an extent that it loses its absorption capabilities, and using a towel that doesn't absorb defeats the whole purpose of using a towel.


Like everything else, towels too expire at a certain point of time. They last long, yeah, but not forever. Their expiry is not something that can be exactly visible. We like to hold on to our dear towels for as long as it can look no more like a towel. But, your towel, like every other important item in your household, is something that adds value to your daily life, so always give it some thought and make sure you give it the due importance it deserves.

December 15, 2020 — Doctor Towels