No one likes a smelly towel. They not only smell and feel bad when you use them, but sometimes it goes to extremes where a bad smelling towel can make a whole room smell bad. This is common, but something which can be easily avoided by getting a few things straight. Towels tend to get smelly when they are put away wet. While this is something most of us know, sometimes towels may smell bad even with enough air. This is because with frequent washing, there tends to be detergent/fabric softener build up along with the moisture, which causes a
sour smell. The worse the smell gets, the more dangerous your towel becomes because a moist towel is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Using towels with a bacterial infection can lead to infections in various parts of your body, and your private parts can especially be very vulnerable to such infections. Here’s a list of things you can do to keep your towel clean and odour-free.

1. Sun dry your towel

Sun drying your towel is the easiest and most efficient way to keep your towel moist-free and hence, bacteria-free. After every use, sun dry your towel for at least 1-2 hours. If you can’t sun dry it, at least put it out to dry on a cloth line with maximum air circulation.

2. Use mild detergents/fabric softeners

Using mild products on your clothes will ensure minimum build up. Also make sure you don’t use too much product with every wash. Wash with warm water to get rid of as much build up as possible.

3. Use vinegar and baking soda

Every once in a while, when your towel keeps smelling bad despite proper washing and drying, it is because of excess build up of soap. To get rid of this, wash your towel as always, and on the final wash, add a cup of vinegar to help remove build up. This should effectively solve the problem, and in case it doesn’t, all it takes is one more rinse with half a cup of baking soda to completely solve the issue.

4. Use towels only for specific purposes

Oftentimes, once a towel has been in use long enough, we start using it to clean kitchen counters and floors as well. Bath towels are not designed for this and using them to clean such areas can lead to extreme odour as they collect grime and dirt, and won’t get rid of them very easily. To prevent this, use your bath towels only for bathing and buy a separate cloth for cleaning purposes.

5. Buy products made of natural, anti-microbial fabric

There are many products available in the market right now that are made of natural, anti-microbial fabric such as banana yarn. These fabrics help them stay odour-free longer than regular fabrics as they naturally fight against germs. Opt for such fabrics to keep the odour away.

6. Buy better quality towels

Quality comes with a price, but in such cases it is better to pay a little more to ensure you get the best for your skin. The better the quality is, the more absorption is, meaning lesser moisture and lesser odour.


Little effort goes a long way and this applies to your towels too. Follow these simple steps to ensure that your towel and its smell is not a source of discomfort for you on a daily basis, and this will also save you from a hoard of skin and health issues later on, while giving you an amazing towel experience at the same time!

December 05, 2020 — Doctor Towels