Would you use the same soap for your body and your face? Maybe yes. Maybe
no, but if not, then it is high time you considered doing so. This is because your
face is very sensitive, and it simply isn’t safe to use the same soap that you use
for your body on your sensitive face as well. Also, you don’t want to transfer
millions of bacteria from your own body onto your face. The same applies to
towels too. We often don’t realize how important towels are, but it’s high time
that we did now.
“The bacteria left on your skin — arms, legs, shoulders — have some
specificity to those areas of the body, and if you use a towel on your body
and then your face, you can transfer those bacteria, viruses and fungi onto
your face”, says Dr Sanjay Aggarwal, a general physician at Holistic
Healthcare Centre in Delhi. “These can clog pores, increase breakouts and
some could even cause irritation or rashes,” he adds.
We have this common tendency to wipe our body first with a towel, and then
wipe our faces with the same towel, transferring a lot of bacteria, germs and
microbes onto our face in the process. As bad as it is, it gets even worse when
multiple members of the same household, could be family members or
roommates, all use the same towel. No wonder dandruff, eczema, acne and
rashes are very common conditions these days. These conditions come from
the little things we do on a daily basis, and how you use your towel plays a
major role in the same. Here are some benefits of using a separate towel for
the face and the body.

Easy on the face

Your facial skin is very sensitive when compared to the skin on our body. When
you use a towel on your body, it tends to get rough to cope with the roughness
of the skin on the body, and then when you use the same towel on your face, it
can irritate the sensitive skin very easily. Therefore, it is very important to have
a separate towel for the face and to be very gentle while wiping your face.


Prevents transfer of germs and bacteria

It is common practice for people to use towels on their bodies and then use
the same towel on their faces. What happens here is, unconsciously you are
transferring millions of germs and bacteria from areas like your armpit and
your private parts onto your face, and this leads to all kinds of bacterial and
fungal infections. Acne, rashes, dandruff and eczema are only the most basic
problems that come as a result, and such problems can go to extremes if not
addressed at an early stage.

Makes puberty a little more easier

As problematic as it is to use the same towel for your body and your face, it is
even worse for teenagers as for them, it’s not just about transferring bacteria
from the body to the face, but also about transferring a lot of oil from their
face to their body, which causes a whole new set of problems. To prevent all
this, it is highly recommended that separate towels are used.

Basically, if you’ve faced even the slightest discomfort with regards to your
face and your skin, a major reason could be the towel in your shelf and how
you use it impulsively for the whole body without a second thought. Not many
people are aware of this but it is something very important for everyone to
know. Our advice to you - get high quality towels! Get separate ones for your
face and your body. Try this and your skin will definitely thank you later; also,
because you make a lot of efforts to get a glowing, damage-free skin and you
don’t want something as small(!) as a towel to spoil all that.
November 03, 2020 — Doctor Towels