When it comes to your towels, length definitely matters! Imagine. You’ve just taken a shower, and you’re all set to step out in your towel to find your clothes before you can get dressed. Everything seems pretty chill- that is, until you realize your towel won’t wrap around you properly because it is too small! Now you’re in a fix!

   An inappropriately sized towel may not necessarily be harmful, but it is something that can put you in a very embarrassing situation easily. You might have to come out of the shower quickly to get something or to attend a call, in a shared room or when you have guests over. Many women come across situations where they need a change of clothes in public after a swim or due to unfortunately getting wet. Something that comes handy in such situations is an appropriately long towel. 

   Having a towel of the right size for every situation doesn’t involve anything extraordinary. It is just about selecting the right towel, being smart and appearing smart without embarrassing yourself in front of others just takes a pinch of extra effort. You have to look for different sized towels and make sure to buy the ones that you would need for different situations. 

   Next time you’re shopping for bath towels, carefully look at the different sizes of towels, and think about which one you’d need and in what kind of situation you’d need them. If you can get a towel that is really water absorbent and looks amazing, even better! This is all it takes to ensure you look and feel one bit smarter every time a towel is involved!

December 23, 2020 — Doctor Towels