Starting out on a home workout regimen? Get to know the essentials for a pandemic workout. We give you the list of must-haves for home workout.

The 3 must-haves for a pandemic home workout program

The COVID pandemic has created chaos in our everyday life. In the face of the constant threat of catching the virus, stepping out to the gym is a big no-no. But we do have to stay fit, right? So the obvious solution is to work out at home.

A sound mind in a sound body--there is no doubt about that. Though staying fit and being physically and psychologically stable in the middle of a pandemic can seem a herculean task, there's hope for you. You are not alone in this. The thousands who manage to work out at home are your motivation. 

Well begun is half done. And to begin well, you need to have the workout essentials on hand. Here are three important things you need.

A space to stretch 

Curating a space that you can stretch out in would be the first task. Is space that important? Indeed. Remember that the right ambience begins with the right place. Make sure that your mats and equipment have ample room. Nothing should get in the way of your staying fit, least of all a lack of space.

Towels that take the sweat away

Sweat is the secret to staying fit. But it can also bring along bad company like bacteria and bad odour. To keep them at bay, your best bet would be an antibacterial gym towel.

If you are a beginner to the quest for fitness, a question pops up. “Why gym towels?” How are they different from normal towels?

Gym towels have the upper hand in the fitness arena over ordinary ones. They are made of terry- cotton which happens to be soft on the skin and tough on bacteria. They are more durable, absorb better, are of better quality, and dry quicker than an ordinary cotton towel. They are of the appropriate size, too. So, it is evident that for workout ordinary towels are no match for gym towels.

The best gym towels are antibacterial gym towels. The reason being that they not only get rid of sweat faster, but also prevent bacteria build-up. 

Face towels play a fascinating role, too. Facial skin has a different texture and is more sensitive than skin elsewhere on the body. So extra care is essential.

Keep track of your fitness journey

After beginning a workout regime, make sure you track your progress. It is important to have a flexible plan and make sure that you are on the right track in your fitness journey. The beginning is always the hardest part and once that is got over, keeping track of your progress could act as a catalyst to help you keep moving towards your goal. Keep reminding yourself about the results that you desire, to stay motivated.

Expect setbacks and make sure you have a flexible plan. See that you do not exhaust yourself at the beginning. Remember persistence and patience are the key when it comes to a workout regimen.

 You can do it! So go ahead and give it your best shot. We will keep rooting for you.


When it comes to staying fit, keeping hydrated and ensuring hygiene matters a lot. Make sure you have the right amount of water as required by your body. And keep yourself sanitized. 

It's a tough journey and If you can enjoy it, you'll be doubly blessed when you reach your destination.

Just in case you have doubts regarding which gym towels to purchase... 

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January 22, 2024 — Doctor Towels