Celebrations are incomplete without gifts. It is a symbol of love that makes everyone happy and helps nurture the bond furthermore. To make things super easy for you this festive season, we have curated this blog to lighten up your festival.

  •  Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
 Diwali gifts are a token of love and appreciation towards our loved ones. It’s a great idea to gift something related to safety & wellness during these unprecedented times.
The best option is Antibacterial Towels. Towels with antibacterial properties destroy 99.9% of bacteria that cause acne, pimples and other skin irritations. It also prevents the spread of powerful skin irritants from your towel onto your skin and thus protects your skin.
The next best option is to choose a towel that is Hypoallergenic. These towels gently remove oil, bacteria, and sebum without irritating your skin. Making it ideal for people who have acne-prone or sensitive skin.

  • Get Bamboo-zled
Bamboo is a gift from mother nature. Now you can gift your loved ones goodness of nature with Bamboo Towels. Bamboo is the new sustainable alternative to plastic. The inherent antibacterial nature of Bamboo coupled with other beneficial properties like high durability, hypoallergenic and excellent moisture-absorbing properties make it super safe for your precious skin.

  • Towels – An Everyday Essential
Towels are used for different purposes and are very high in demand. Be it a bath towel, hand towel, gym towel or a face towel, towels are an essential that we cannot live without. This makes it a great gifting option this Diwali. Gift a towel that is soft, super-absorbent, quick-drying, lightweight, and durable. Add environmentally sustainable to the list and Bamboo Towels are hands down the winner of Diwali gift options.

  • The best gift for your kid
While seeking out the best gift for your tiny tots, you will want to look for something that encourages safety & protection. Keeping in mind their sensitive skin, children are prone to skin irritations and rashes. To protect our tiny wonders, it is best to invest in a quality bath towel that helps them stay safe from the millions of bacteria lurking around their towels. Choose a towel that has the right combination of softness, safety and luxury
This Diwali, get your loved ones “The Gift of Wellness'' with Doctor Towels. At Doctor Towels, we’ve got an excellent collection of Bamboo Towels for all your Diwali gifting needs.  Our Bamboo Towels are coated with Australian formulated natural antimicrobial agents that keep your precious skin 99.9% safe.  Browse our exclusive collection of Bamboo Bath Towels at https://doctortowels.com/collections/bamboo-towels

    October 29, 2021 — Doctor Towels