Ladies, are you tired of using heavy, bulky towels to dry your hair? Look no further than the hair towels from Doctor Towels. Made with the softest, gentlest banana yarn fabric, our hair towels are lightweight to avoid dragging or tugging at delicate strands.Hair towel

Gone are the days of struggling to keep your towel in place while you dry your hair. Our hair towels are designed to stay in place with a loop and button that secure your hair and prevent it from coming undone. This means you can go about your morning routine without the worry of your hair coming loose from the towel.

Our hair towels are made of breathable, premium fabrics that dry 3x faster and boost absorbency, making hair drying more efficient. This not only saves you time, but also minimizes frizz and breakage caused by traditional towels.Hair towels 2

Not only are our hair towels practical and convenient, but they are also environmentally conscious. Growing banana is better for the planet since additional pesticides and fertilisers aren’t used. This also makes it safer for the skin. Doctor Towels pioneered the use of banana yarn in India, so you can feel good about your purchase knowing that it's not only good for your hair, but also good for the planet.
Say goodbye to heavy, bulky towels and hello to soft, gentle and efficient hair drying with Doctor Towels hair towels. Invest in a hair towel that not only takes care of your hair, but also the environment.


February 22, 2023 — Doctor Towels