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Bamboo Waffle Bath Towel - Gifting
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Did you know that you can prevent quite a few skin problems just by using a good-quality bath towel? Your hygiene routine cannot be complete without a bath towel, and it is crucial to pay attention to its quality to ensure healthy skin and prevent skin issues, like allergies, acne, etc.

We, at Doctor Towels, have created a range of towels made with natural materials that help address these woes. Our towels come with additional benefits that make them perfect for everyday use.

Benefits of Bath Towels

Your bathing towel should ideally be soft and safe to use directly on the skin, and easier to maintain. We have incorporated these benefits and more in our bathing towels, so you have one less thing to worry about when it comes to your skincare routine.

Having perfected the art of towel making for your needs, we present our extensive range of bathroom towels you can explore and pick from.

Here, you can find a good mix of bath towel for men and bath towel for women in different sizes and materials to suit your requirements.  

Types of Bath Towel

The towels stated below consist of 60% natural yarn and 40% premium quality organic cotton yarn. Read on to know the types of bath towels we make:   

1. Banana, Bamboo & Aluvera Double Cloth Bath Towels:
As the name suggests, these bath towels are double-sided and thus have good absorbency. They are also quick dry and odor-free.

2. Banana, Bamboo & Aluvera Terry Bath Towels:
These towels are fluffy and have hypoallergenic properties, making them ideal for allergic skin. These come in specially chosen vibrant, sophisticated, and soothing shades for a unique after-shower experience that you truly deserve!

3. Floral Jacquard Bath Towels:
These bath towels come in two variants, Banana Floral Jacquard Bath Towels and Bamboo Floral Jacquard Bath Towels and are known for their super soft texture.

4. Banana & Bamboo X Cotton Bath Towel:
Treat your skin with plush softness with our Banana or Bamboo Musa Cotton bathing towels. They are made of 35% Banana or Bamboo viscose and 65% cotton, and are therefore gentle on the skin, highly absorbent, and quick dry.

5. Bamboo Basket Bath Towel:
Basket weave makes these bath towels super absorbent, breathable, quick dry, and odor-free.

6. Bamboo Ultra-Light Slub Bath Towel:
Travellers, behold! You don’t need to use hotel towels when you have the antibacterial, antimicrobial bamboo ultra-light Slub bath towel. It’s lightweight and dries quickly, and you can carry it everywhere you go.

7. Bamboo Waffle Bath Towel:
The waffle bath towel is a great fluffy variety for your skin that is also absorbent and soft. It’s perfect for travelling too. Now that you know the variety of bath towels we have, here are a few things you must remember to make an informed decision when buying bath towels.

Things to Remember When Buying Towels

This quick checklist will help you pick the right towel for your needs.

 1. Material

Quality beats everything else when it comes to your health. There cannot be two ways about it. Thus, when you’re out to buy bath towels, ensure you pick those that are made with premium quality material. The best and the safest materials to choose are natural fibers, e.g., aloe vera, banana fibers, and bamboo fibers, which are known for their antibacterial properties.

2. Texture

Natural fibers when blended with Organic cotton create super soft fabrics. Whether you go for terry, double cloth, or waffle, the towels are super soft and gentle on all skin types.

3. Dyes Used

Chemical dyes in towels can disturb your daily skincare routine by increasing skin sensitivity and agitating already existing skin conditions. Choosing a good brand like ours that uses safe dyes and materials is a must for those with sensitive skin conditions.

4. Lightweight & Quick Dry

While most of us prefer using plush bath towels, it might not be ideal for those who travel frequently or live in cold
or wet climatic conditions. They need bath towels that are lightweight and quick to dry, like our Ultra-Light Slub Bath Towels.

 5. Breathable & Odor Free

Breathable bath towels, like our Ultra-Light Slub, Floral Jacquard, and Basket Weave towels are breathable and prevent bacterial growth in them that may lead to bad odor.

Buy Bath Towel

We have a range of bath towel price to suit your budget. With premium quality and natural materials that ensure your health, Doctor Towels is a great investment for healthy skin.

Benefits of Bamboo Towel

Our bamboo towels are woven to perfection to ensure complete post-bath comfort and safety. They come with the following features:  

1. Antibacterial – Bamboo yarn inherently has antibacterial properties; however, we’ve also treated them with an additional antimicrobial layer with an Australian-formulated natural agent extracted from coconut to ensure they are safer for every skin type.

2. Lightweight & Breathable – The bamboo yarn blend that we create for this range of towels keeps them lightweight and breathable, thus making them comfortable and convenient to use.

3. Super Soft & Skin Friendly – We use the highest quality bamboo yarn to ensure our towels remain super soft and gentle on the skin. Our towels are therefore suitable for those with skin issues.

4. High Absorbency – Our bamboo towels are super absorbent and can soak in all the moisture in an instant without having to rub the towel on the skin.

5. 3X Quick-Dry – Despite being super absorbent, these towels dry three times faster than usual towels.

6. Anti-Odor – The breathable material enables our towels to dry faster and prevents the development of mildew and mold due to dampness, thus reducing the chances of developing a foul odor.

Types of Bamboo Towels

Our range of bamboo towels consists of the following: 

1. Bamboo Terry Bath Towel – Terry towels are popular for their plush and luxurious feel. Bamboo terry towels also add softness to the overall features, not to forget their inherently natural antibacterial properties. Our towels come in fancy canisters and are thus suitable for gifting purposes. If you’re concerned about the towel size and quantity, we have this variant of bamboo towels in plus size and assorted combo packs.
2. Bamboo Terry Face Towels – Bamboo face towel is gentle on the skin and perfect for your daily skincare routine. This towel is also available in combo packs with hand towels.
3. Bamboo Waffle Hooded Baby Towel – These baby towels are meticulously woven with carefully selected bamboo viscose yarn that makes them cozy, ultra-soft, extremely lightweight, breathable, and highly absorbent.
4. Bamboo Ultra-Light Slub Bath Towel – This bamboo bath towel is the lightest bamboo towel in our range. Its naturally hypoallergenic and odor-resistant properties make it a must-have for those who travel a lot and often experience skin issues. It is also available in a plus-size variant and with canister packaging for gifting.
5. Bamboo Basket Bath Towel - Made using the basket weave technique, this Bamboo towel is medium-weight (lighter than terry and thicker than slub towels), soft and breathable—perfect for everyday use. It is anti-odor and hypoallergenic, and good for deep cleaning and exfoliating for pleasant and refreshed skin after every use.
6. Bamboo Waffle Bath Towel – The waffle weave of this towel makes it fluffy without the bulkiness. This towel is also ultra-soft feel, antibacterial, lightweight, and breathable, and is available in plus size too.
7. Bamboo Chair Towel – Your office chair will be the most hygienic chair with our bamboo chair towel. This chair towel is made using a blend of bamboo viscose and cotton fiber which makes it super soft and ultra-rich. The hypoallergenic properties of bamboo fiber prevent bacterial growth and keep the towel fresh throughout the day. Other features, like quick drying and odor resistance, make it perfect for everyday use.

Bamboo Towel Price

Our bamboo towels start at Rs. 599.00 and vary depending on the combo and type of bamboo towel you choose to purchase. Check out the entire range for complete pricing details.

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