How not to use your bath towels?

Having soft & fluffy bath towels is one of the best investments you can make for your skin. But unfortunately, bath towels are the most neglected accessory in our homes. We use and toss them around and completely forget that they exist until the next use. It is vital to take care of our bath towels as they tend to be the breeding ground for bacteria and microbes.

Here are a few ways in which you may be mishandling your bath towels.

 Using too much fabric softener

Skip using fabric softeners, as they tend to coat the towel’s fibers with a wax-like substance, making it less absorbent over time. Instead of using fabric softeners to keep your towels soft & fluffy, we recommend using vinegar as it prevents soap residue and controls musty odor.

 Heavy use of detergent

We want our towels to be extra clean and to do so, we are tempted to use way too much detergent. But this strategy is fruitless, as we end up using more detergent than the amount recommended for the towels. If not rinsed thoroughly, the residual detergent can leave your towels stiff, rough, and tacky. Also, using way too much detergent can ultimately harm the fabric and your skin as well.

Hanging wet towels together

Hang two or more towels separately in a hook to help prevent mold growth and debris. Debris and moisture could get trapped between the layers, and it is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. So dry your towels separately in a sunlit area. Not washing your towels often enough

How often do you wash your bath towels? If it’s anything that is less than twice a week, it is not enough. The main reason why we don’t wash our bath towels more often is they take longer to dry. When our bath towels are not laundered properly, they tend to get sticky and stinky. According to the American Cleaning Institute, it is recommended to launder our towels after every third use. A clean towel is ideal for clear skin, and especially if you have kids around, it is vital to have towels that repel bacteria and mold.

You are sure to have a healthy and clean bathing experience once you avoid the above common mistakes while using towels. Always remember that taking proper care of your towels plays a crucial role in having a healthy skin.

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November 22, 2021 — Doctor Towels