You wash your bath towels but are they really clean? If you think that your towels are free from germs, you couldn’t be more wrong! Read this blog to find out how towels play an important role in keeping you healthy and safe.

Can Towels make you sick?

Dirty towels carry a huge variety of microbes. Every time you use a towel, you transfer your natural skin bacteria and any other germs you are carrying, onto their surface.

They hang in moist and warm bathrooms which provide the perfect breeding ground for the microbes, bacterial & fungi. A bathroom is a threatening place for a towel to spend most of its time. When you use the germ infested damp towels repeatedly without proper washing, you are opening the doors for several kinds of bacterial, fungal and viral skin infections.

Bath towels, face towels, and hand towels play a major role in making your skin infected. As the usage of these towels is at a higher level, they are exposed to millions of disease-causing bacteria which in turn causes skin infections.

“Potentially harmful microbes in the home include staphylococcus aureus – a group of bacteria that includes MRSA and E. coli – which can cause severe intestinal infections and norovirus,” says Sally Bloomfield, a microbiologist at the International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene.

So, yes, it may be hard to pinpoint the source of these infections but there is a good probability that your towels are causing them.

Ways to choose your Towels:

  • Material - The main point to consider while buying towels online is the material. Buy towels that are made of natural fibres so that they are gentle on your skin. Try bath towels made of banana-yarn fibre instead of traditional cotton towels.
  • Absorbency - Next is to check the absorbency quotient of the towel. Higher the absorbency, better the towel. High-absorbency towels should be at the top of your must-have list.
  • Quick to dry - Always choose quick-drying towels. A quick-dry towelis a must-have to reduce hassles, eliminate wet messes and prevent smelly mildew. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria.
  • Length - Check for the length of the bath towel because sometimes the ultimate comfort is to cuddle up in an extra-long super soft towel.
  • Safety - Choosing bath towels treated with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial agents will give you an extra edge in keeping your skin safe.
  • Extra protection - Choosing to buy double-sided (separate side for face & body) bath towels reduces the risk of acne-causing bacterial transfer and hence gives you the extra protection you need.
  • Colour - Towels can add the warm, finishing touch to a bathroom, so consider selecting a stack in a fun accent colour or pattern. Buy bath towels online where you can have many options from the colour palette.
  • If you are buying towels online, opt for a trusted manufacturer. Always check for the durability & quality of the towels online.

Ways to maintain your Towels:

Once you have purchased the right quality bath towels, you can extend their life &effectiveness with a little care.

  • Wash your towels regularly
  • Dry your towels in a warm area
  • Keep your towels odour-free with the help of baking soda
  • Use vinegar to remove any chemical or hard water build-ups
  • Replace your towels regularly

Why Doctor Towels are one of the best brand in Towels?

Bath towels from Doctor Towels are available in 2 varieties – Terry & Double Cloth. They are generously sized that are available in 10+ colours. They are made of banana yarn blended with cotton making it highly absorbent & gentle on the skin. With the dual-faced technology, the transfer of bacteria from private parts, underarms and the rest of the body to the face is minimal. Additionally, they are anti-microbial and anti-bacterial treated which makes them 99.9% safe on the skin. Try our new collection of vibrantly colourful bath towels at doctortowels 



March 11, 2021 — Doctor Towels