Would you compromise on your good looks and great skin?

About 1 in 3 women between 20 and 50 years of age suffer from skin infections* like acne, rashes, pimples, reddening and high sensitivity. Did you know that your own towel that carries millions of bacteria is a prime suspect for causing these skin related problems?


Your own body bacteria is an enemy to your beautiful face. Doctor Towels offers dual-sided towels that ensure the usage of one side for face and another side for body ensuring minimal cross-infection. 

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Would you compromise on your family's health? Shouldn't that be your #1 priority?

But did you know that you constantly put your family at health risk with inappropriate use of towels? Nearly 90% of towels that are more than 3 months old contain up to 1 million* harmful bacteria like coliforms and E-Coli. 

A natural anti-bacterial coating with coconut extracts enhances germs resistance and offers extra skin protection. That's why Doctor Towels protects your family with every touch. 

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Would you compromise on the safety and health of your children?

Kids below the age of 14 are susceptible to bacterial diseases and infections due to a developing immune system. A regular towel that cannot handle this should not be in your shopping list.  

Banana Yarn is popularly known to have natural anti-microbial properties that protect the towel from bacteria. Doctor Towels is a blend of cotton and banana yarn, which makes it 99.9% safe on your skin. 

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We Created a Towel Which Is 99.9% Safe