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Bamboo Bath Towel - Terry - Pack of 1

Rs. 999.00

Price: Rs. 999  

Special Features:

    • 99.9% SAFE : Specially curated to be gentle on all types of skin.
    • AFFORDABLE LUXURY : Towels used by the Celebrities and the Super Rich now made affordable for you.
    • DUAL SIDED TOWEL : Using the same side of the towel for both face and body increases the chance of skin infections. With a dual sided towel, the transfer of bacteria from under arms, private parts and the rest of the body to the face is minimal. Doctor Towel is specially crafted with one side for Face and other side for Body, clearly marked with beautiful embroidery.
    • MADE ALONG WITH BAMBOO YARN Naturally Antibacterial & Odor Resistant, Ultra Soft on the Skin, Extra Plush, Eco-Friendly.
    • ADDED ANTIMICROBIAL TREATMENT : The antimicrobial agent is created from natural extracts using Australian formulated technology making it extra safe *

Additional Features:

  • ULTRA LARGE WRAP SIZE : Fits up to 5XL waist size comfortably.
  • Size 70cm x 155cm : Absolute freedom of doing any activity while drying off your body.
  • SUPER COOL COLOURS : Specially chosen colour palette of vibrant, sophisticated and soothing shades for an amazing after shower experience.


* Antimicrobial treatment lasts up to 100 washes.


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Product Description

 Doctor Towels’ Bamboo Bath Terry Towel collection is a blend of Bamboo and Cotton fibre. Bamboo fibre is inherently antibacterial and naturally odor resistant by nature. The towels are treated with an antimicrobial agent made from natural extracts making it extra safe. The Bamboo fibre along with secret ingredients make our towels the safest choice for your precious skin along with long lasting freshness and environmental sustainability.

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