BANANA Terry Hand Towel - Pack of 2

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Our Banana Viscose Cotton Terry Towels have inherent antibacterial properties. An additional anti microbial treatment is given which makes them extra safe! Unwind and unwrap post-shower bliss with our soft, naturally safe and fluffy Banana Terry Towels!

Material :

60% Banana viscose , 40% Cotton

How it's made?

Doctor Towel is a home grown brand from a team experienced textile pioneers catering to some of the largest global brands in the world. We bring you a towel made from carefully chosen materials, genuine care and greatest attention to detail.

Designed for quick absorbency & softness :

Made along with Banana Viscose yarn, these towels are cloud-soft and super gentle on all skin types.

Best for :

Normal to oily skin


Not just any other antimicrobial treatment. All our Towels are specially treated with an Australian formulated natural antimicrobial agent which are extracted from coconut.


Banana fabrics are gentle on skin and well-loved for their softness. Grown without additional pesticides and fertilizers, it is also better for Our planet and safer for skin. Doctor Towels pioneered the use of Banana yarn in Towels.


This towel is made with banana fiber which is fragile in nature. Snagging and yarn breakage is a natural phenomenon. Absorption of the towel increases with every wash. Wash the towel separately before the first usage on a light cycle. Please refrain from using bleach, harsh detergents and fabric softeners whenever you wash your towel. Avoid contact with nails and sharp objects.

Preciously soft

A delight for the hands if there ever was one. Rub your hands dry with it to fully realise the spa-like experience our Banana Terry Hand Towel offers with the unison of comfort and warmth. Made using Banana fiber, this Towel is renowned for its long lasting softness. For how long are you going to rub your hands dry on your pants, other fabrics nearby, or worse, regular towels? Switch to our banana terry hand towel that’s made specifically so that your hands are wiped dry and protected.

Antimicrobial treatment

Zero compromises on safety. Indeed all our Towels are made from naturally antibacterial materials. In addition to this, they’re also treated to coconut’s goodness in the form of an Australian formulated antimicrobial treatment. We think your skin is precious and that it deserves to stay that way.



Made using Banana viscose yarn, an important characteristic of our Banana Terry Hand Towels is that it dries super quickly. Quick absorption defines a good hand towel – and our hand towels traverse the realms of greatness. This is for you if you seek hand towels with great absorbent qualities.

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