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Banana Bath Towel - Terry - Pack of 4

Rs. 4,499.00

Price: Rs. 4,499 Rs. 5,196

Combo of 4 towels at Rs. 4,499 Rs. 5,196. Save Rs. 697 with a combo pack of four. Limited period offer only.

Special Features:

    • AFFORDABLE LUXURY : Towels used by Celebrities and the Super Rich... Now made affordable.
    • DOUBLE FACED TOWEL : Using the same side towel for both face and body will increase the chance of skin damage. Bacteria from under arms and private parts can easily cause damages when exposed to the face. Doctor Towel is specially crafted with one side for Face and Other side for Body.
    • MADE ALONG WITH BANANA YARN Anti bacterial in Nature, Smooth on the skin.
    • ADDED ANTI MICROBIAL TREATMENT : with safe ingredients which makes it 99.9% Safe *

Additional Features:

  • ULTRA LARGE WRAP SIZE : Fits upto 5XL Waist size comfortably
  • Size 70 Cm x 155 Cm : Absolute freedom of doing other activities while drying off your body.
  • SUPER COOL COLOURS : Designed to give you Soothing and Relaxing after shower experience.

* Antimicrobial treatment lasts upto one hundred washes.

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Product Description

Doctor Towels’s Bath Towel collection is a blend of cotton and banana yarn. The towels are treated with special Ingredients made along with coconut extracts which fight against bacteria and other microbes that damage the skin. The banana yarn along with secret ingredients make our towels the safest choice on your skin.

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