Musa Terry Workout Towel with Canister packaging

Rs. 849.00

- Crafted with the softest banana viscose yarn
- Lightweight & super absorbent
- Wonderfully compact and travel-friendly

Shades of Doctor Towels
Combo Pack
Enjoy long-lasting freshness and odour-free workouts with our safer, naturally antibacterial workout towels made from premium Banana yarn.
Absorbent & anti-odour

Made from highly absorbent fabrics and antibacterial ingredients, our workout towels fight bacteria that causes body odour and irritated skin.

Dries 3X quicker

Incredibly thin and lightweight, these towels dry 3x quicker, making them the ideal towel to pack for the gym.

Fit for function

Our gym towels have storage pockets sewn on so you can focus on your workout instead of worrying about your phone or keys. And labeled sides cut back bacterial exchange between your face and body.

Why we love banana yarn

Growing banana is better for the planet since additional pesticides and fertilizers aren’t used. This also makes it safer for the skin. Doctor Towels pioneered the use of banana yarn in India.

Care Guide

This Towel is made with a blend of cotton and banana yarn fibres which are fragile. Snagging and yarn breakage is a natural phenomena. Absorption of the towel increases with every wash.

Wash the towel separately before the first usage on a light cycle. Please refrain from using bleach, harsh detergents and fabric softeners whenever you wash your towel.

Avoid contact with nails and sharp objects.

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