Bamboo X Cotton Terry Bath Towel

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Naturally odour resistant, this towel is specially crafted with bamboo on one side and cotton on the other. 

While the bamboo lends antibacterial properties, the high-quality cotton fibres provide good texture and quick absorption. 

And of course, as with all our towels, they are treated with an antimicrobial agent made from natural extracts using Australian formulated technology, making them the safest choice for your skin.

Experience affordable luxury, lasting freshness, and safety with our towels.

Note: Canister packaging is not included.

Why is this towel so special?

1. It’s dual-sided! 

Did you know? Using the same side of your towel for both face and body can increase your risk of skin infections. 

Our towels are specially crafted with defined sides for the body and face. This helps reduce the risk of the transfer of germs from your underarms, private parts, and other parts of your body to your face.

The side marked face is made with bamboo, ensuring a soft feel. The side for the body is made with cotton, which is textured allowing it to exfoliate and scrub your skin better.

2.  It’s 99.9% safe.

The antimicrobial agent we use is developed using natural coconut extracts making our towels the safest choice for your skin*. What’s more, it’s specially made to be gentle on all skin types. 

*Antimicrobial coating lasts up to 100 washes

3. It’s made with the finest materials

We use bamboo yarns as a key part of our towels. It is naturally antibacterial and odour resistant, ensuring you receive the freshest experience every time. It’s also ultra-soft, ultra-plush, and hypoallergenic - which makes it especially good for sensitive skin.

4. It’s eco-friendly

Made with environmentally sustainable materials, our towels are designed to be good for you and Mother Earth.

Additional Features

  • The ULTRA LARGE WRAP SIZE fits waist sizes up to 5XL comfortably.
  • Our towels are 70 cm x 155 cm in size providing you absolute flexibility to do what you chose while drying off your body.
  • They are ultra-soft, super plush, absorbent, lightweight, and quick to dry. What more do you need in a towel?
  • We have specially curated our towels in amazing, vibrant colours. The shades are sophisticated and soothing, making every experience feel and look luxurious. 

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