Aluvera Double Cloth Hand Towel - Pack of 2

Rs. 899.00

- Crafted with the softest aloe vera viscose yarn
- Lightweight & super absorbent
- Naturally antibacterial

Towel 1
Discover long-lasting freshness with highly absorbent, quick-drying Aloe Vera yarn hand towels designed for regular, everyday use.
Irresistibly soft

Cloud-soft and lightweight, these breathable towels gently wick away moisture from your skin, leaving you fresh and dry in no time.

Extra safe, naturally

Naturally antibacterial, aloe vera yarn and coconut extracts fight harmful bacteria to promote healthier, improved skin and prevent odour.

Super absorbent

Designed to dry 3x quicker, our hand towels remain fresh between handwashes for longer. This helps fight the growth of bacteria born in damp conditions as well.

Why we love aloe vera yarn

Known for healing troubled skin, aloe vera is highly restorative and soothing for the skin. This medicinal plant is also grown easily and sustainably.

Care Guide

This Towel is made with a blend of cotton and aloe vera yarn fibres which are fragile. Snagging and yarn breakage is a natural phenomena. Absorption of the towel increases with every wash.

Wash the towel separately before the first usage on a light cycle. Please refrain from using bleach, harsh detergents and fabric softeners whenever you wash your towel.

Avoid contact with nails and sharp objects.

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