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We all reach for our dear towels every single day without really giving it much thought. Nonetheless, with such high use, a personal item like a towel requires extensive research about the fabric it is made of, types of towels available in the market, and making of the towels. If you have acne, you've most likely invested your time and money in trying moisturizers, cleansers, facials and whatnot. Possibly you go for facials or even visit a dermatologist. You're most likely super-cautious about your skincare schedule, and you'd never fantasize about retiring for the night without washing your face. That is just fine-yet not if dirty towels are keeping you away from clear skin! 

Here are a few pointers on choosing a towel that holds the key to maintaining a clear skin.

1. Always go for antibacterial towels for a clear skin 

Yes, the towels we use regularly act as a host for numerous bacteria that are bad for the skin. This is because towels live in moist conditions and hold dampness for a significant amount of time, which permits the bacteria to endure. As you rub the towel on your skin, bacteria can accumulate on your face and settle in your pores, empowering pimples, acne and other skin problems. Using a towel that is antibacterial limits the growth of bacteria on its surface upto as many as 100 washes and helps restrict the cause of all your skincare woes. Using a towel that fights against bacteria contributes greatly to your skincare routine. 

2. Choose towels with the right fabric 

There’s nothing more satisfying like wrapping yourself in a comfy towel after your bath. However, despite the fact that you've purchased a quality towel, it doesn't generally absorb water the way it should. The reason behind this might have to do with the fabrics in the towel. Most towels are fabricated from cotton, yet there are numerous kinds of cotton blends to select from. Eco-fibers like banana yarn, bamboo are known for their absorption and antibacterial properties, which make them perfect for babies and people with sensitive skin while Egyptian cotton and Turkish cotton are known for their softness. If you want to be kind to the earth and have a good towel made of natural fibres, choose antibacterial fabrics as they are known to resist bacteria and fungus. Choose the best if you don't want bacteria creeping its way into your towels.

3. Use different towels for face and body

It is 100% necessary to use a separate towel for your face and body after a shower, as the products used for our bodies don't work well with our face. They can easily clog pores, increase breakouts, and in some cases can even cause irritations and rashes. It is therefore highly recommended by dermatologists to use different towels for the face and the body.  

4. Soft and fluffy towels are best for delicate skin!

A towel can make or break a relaxing bathing experience. With the wrong towel your skin might feel dry while the right towel will make your skin feel revitalized and rejuvenated. The plush comfort of a lengthy, fluffy bath towel transcends the effect of wrapping yourself in luxury. It observes moisture effortlessly, leaving you swaddled in soft warmth.

5. Frequent laundering and safe sanitizing goes a long way! 

No matter how much you focus on buying the right towel, following proper towel hygiene plays an equally important role too. For starters, any towel that touches your face, should be a freshly laundered one. Do not be deceived by the fact that it is spotless in light of the fact that you can't notice any dirt.The bacteria can in any case be available, regardless of whether it is visible.  

Frequent laundering is sufficient to clean towels and remove any germs that are starting to accumulate. You and your skin will be healthier the more often you wash them. To make sure your towel stays super clean, you should wash or replace your towel every now and then.

Note: For the best of results, choose towels that are best suitable for your skin type.

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